Banned Fireworks: A Look at the Most Dangerous Types and Why They’re Prohibited

Banned Fireworks

Few spectacles can rival the thrilling beauty of a fireworks display. However, not all fireworks are created equal. While some create dazzling patterns in the sky, others pose a significant threat to our safety and are consequently banned.

In this article, we delve into the world of prohibited fireworks, the dangers they pose, and why law enforcement agencies across the globe have deemed them illegal. But first, if you need display fireworks in Texas, check out our online store!

Detailed Examination of Banned Fireworks

M80s and Quarter Sticks

These fireworks, often confused as traditional consumer fireworks, actually have their origins in military applications. M80s and quarter sticks were initially designed for the military to simulate gunfire and artillery sounds during training exercises.

However, their civilian misuse quickly became a major concern. An M80 can contain up to 3 grams of flash powder, a highly explosive mixture, making them incredibly powerful – far beyond the needs of a typical fireworks display. The excessive power packed in these small devices has led to devastating accidents, including loss of limbs and severe burns. 

In the United States, the federal law limits consumer fireworks to a maximum of 50 milligrams of powder, making M80s and quarter sticks illegal for public use. Their ban reflects a critical response to the significant injuries and property damage they’ve caused over the years.

Cherry Bombs

Contrary to their innocuous name, cherry bombs are a serious hazard. They were named for their size and shape, resembling a cherry, but the similarity ends there. These explosives typically contain a core of flash powder and are known for producing a loud, concussive blast rather than a visual display. 

Originally popular in the mid-20th century, cherry bombs were used in pranks and mischief, but it soon became evident that their impact was far from harmless. The force of their explosion can cause severe burns and lacerations, significant property damage, and even hearing loss due to the intense sound. 

Recognizing these dangers, the United States banned cherry bombs in the 1960s, classifying them alongside M80s as illegal explosives rather than permissible fireworks.

Mailbox Bombs

Mailbox bombs represent a category of improvised explosive devices, commonly crafted from readily available materials by individuals lacking professional expertise in pyrotechnics. These devices are named for one of their notorious uses: detonating inside mailboxes, causing significant destruction. 

The danger of mailbox bombs lies in their unpredictability and the potential for shrapnel. They are not manufactured with safety standards and often involve a haphazard assembly of chemicals and materials that can lead to erratic and violent explosions. 

The use of these homemade devices is not only illegal but poses a grave risk to public safety, potentially leading to severe injuries, fatalities, and extensive property damage.

Large Reloadable Mortar Shells

Mortar shells are a type of aerial firework, but when they exceed certain size and power limits, they become a public safety concern. Large reloadable mortar shells are designed to be launched from tubes, creating a spectacular aerial explosion. 

However, their size and the amount of explosive material they contain make them highly dangerous. These oversized shells can misfire or explode prematurely, posing significant risks to both the user and bystanders. The unpredictability and potential for large-scale accidents have led to their prohibition in many regions.

Excessively Powerful Firecrackers

Traditionally, firecrackers are small explosives designed to produce a loud bang. They are used in various cultural celebrations around the world. However, when these firecrackers are designed to exceed safe limits of explosive materials, they transform from celebratory items into hazardous explosives. 

Excessively powerful firecrackers can cause injuries similar to those caused by M80s and cherry bombs, including severe burns, trauma, and hearing damage.

Altered Fireworks

Altering fireworks to increase their explosive power is not only illegal but extremely dangerous. This practice involves tampering with commercially available fireworks to modify or enhance their effects. 

Such alterations can lead to unpredictable and unstable behavior, significantly increasing the risk of accidents and injuries. Altered fireworks are banned because they no longer comply with safety standards and regulations, making their use a serious legal and safety violation.

The Dangers and Risks

Banned fireworks pose a serious threat due to their potential for causing severe injuries, starting fires, damaging property, and leading to legal consequences. These risks are particularly high when the fireworks are handled improperly or used in densely populated areas. Display fireworks in Texas and other states have to adhere to strict guidelines.

Final Thoughts

Each year, there are numerous incidents involving illegal fireworks. For instance, in 2020, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that fireworks were involved in an estimated 15,000 injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments.

Fireworks can bring joy and wonder to special occasions, but it’s crucial to remember the potential dangers. The use of banned fireworks can result in devastating consequences that turn celebration into disaster. Always adhere to local regulations and prioritize safety above all else.

For your next celebration, consider browsing our wide variety of safe, legally-approved fireworks. Whether you’re organizing a large-scale display fireworks in Texas or looking for some fun, consumer fireworks for a family gathering, we have you covered. 

Visit our store online or in person for a safe, responsible celebration that lights up the sky without risking safety.

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