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Physics of the Perfect Firework Burst

A fireworks shell may seem like a simple device, yet behind every mesmerizing starburst lies the unseen forces of gravity, propulsion, and precise timing. It’s an explosive marriage of physics…
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The Chemistry of a Single Firework

Vibrant display fireworks in Florida seem simple, yet under that bright veil lies a mini-explosion of complex chemistry. Those celebratory booms wouldn’t be possible without intricate design from casing to…
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Patron Saints and Pyrotechnic Guilds

Fireworks aren’t simple entertainment; their creation has always been tied to skill, danger, and even deep religious devotion. Behind the bright bursts adorning display fireworks in Tennessee often lies a…
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When Fireworks Were Banned

Fireworks are now beloved staples of celebration, yet the vibrant showers of light we love hold a turbulent past. There were eras when those festive booms were outlawed, their crackling…
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Fireworks for War and Peace

The crackle and vibrant boom of fireworks seem synonymous with the joy of celebration, a vibrant tradition marking countless holidays and life events.  Yet, beneath their dazzling surface lies a…
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Ancient Pyrotechnics: Beyond China

We hear the boom, watch brilliant colors streak across the sky and bask in the collective “ooh” and “aah” of the mesmerized crowd. Those vibrant celebrations seem modern, but their…
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