Container Program

Maximize Profits With Our Container Program

For professionals and retailers, simply purchasing fireworks in bulk from a wholesaler like Joe Dirt Wholesale Fireworks may not always be the best choice. We love selling directly to our partners in the pyrotechnics industry, but even more than that, we love helping them get the very most out of their business.

That’s why we offer our container program, an incredible opportunity for high-volume fireworks purchasers to cut down on their logistics costs related to shipping fireworks from the manufacturing site overseas right to their location.

The Basics

How does our container program work? The overview is that it gives professionals in the fireworks field the ability to actually order a full container of products that will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to the buyer.

There are a number of important benefits to this system for those who use a large enough quantity of fireworks on a regular basis. It can be a time saver, avoiding the extra days involved with getting the shipment to the wholesaler, then finding a good way to get it from the wholesaler to the retailer or pyrotechnics professional.

Most importantly, of course, our container program saves our partners money. The simpler a shipping project is, the less it costs, and we make it very simple for you to get a huge amount of pyrotechnic power from the manufacturer to your location.


Import Details

Normally, obtaining an entire container of fireworks would involve a huge amount of red tape for a retailer or display professional, and they would need to apply for and obtain the right license before starting the process.

This brings us to one of the biggest advantages that Joe Dirt Wholesale Fireworks provides–we can arrange for your container shipment under our import license, which relieves you of all the paperwork, fees, and other hassle that would normally go along with obtaining a license of your own.


What Can I Get?

Surprisingly, by ordering a container under our container program, you can get access to a range of fireworks even beyond what we normally carry at Joe Dirt Wholesale Fireworks. We’ll help you find out what’s available from the manufacturer, what matches your needs most closely, and how to best assemble your shipment. We’ll walk you through the entire process of identifying your best option.

Ordering through our container program is a fantastic way to stock up on fireworks. If you are planning to order with the holidays in mind, be aware of the significant lead times that are involved with shipping a container overseas. A good rule of thumb is to place your order six months before you need the products in hand. Of course, it is best to act ahead of that time frame if possible in order to accommodate for any unexpected delays.

We can’t wait to talk with you and explain more about our container program and the many benefits that it can bring to your business!