Fireworks Wholesaler in El Paso, Texas

In ordering wholesale display fireworks in El Paso, Texas, you need to know that your source is fully stocked and can get your order to you in time for your event. Trust Joe Dirt Wholesale Fireworks to get you what you need, when you need it.

Fully Stocked and Ready

Ordering wholesale fireworks in El Paso, Texas is easy with the help of Joe Dirt Wholesale Fireworks. Our facility is fully stocked with every mortar, shell, bottle rocket, and firecracker necessary to light up the sky for whatever special event or holiday you are looking ahead to. That means that when you place your order, you can count on getting it in on time without worrying about delays and having to figure out another solution on the fly for wholesale display fireworks in El Paso, Texas. Place your order with us and let the experts do the rest.

Doing Online Fireworks Sales Right

Buying fireworks for sale online in El Paso, Texas can quickly go wrong if you use a vendor that is not knowledgeable or responsible concerning the regulations in your state and municipality. You need a wholesale provider who can not only deliver your order reliably, but who also takes the measures necessary to help you comply with all applicable laws. Our system ensures that only those with the proper certifications can obtain regulated products, protecting the public and helping our customers keep their fireworks displays legal. Questions about 1.3G, 1.4 Pro, and other categories? Just send us a note and we’ll help you figure it all out.

We Stock Wizard Fireworks

Why do so many pros choose Wizard Fireworks? In El Paso, Texas, experts in fireworks displays know that fireworks are only effective if they can be trusted to perform according to plan. A mortar or shell is an incredibly complicated, balanced product, and there are lots of factors that can turn it from a bang into a “dud.” Wizard Fireworks is one of the most trusted brands out there, and fireworks experts know that they’ll get their money’s worth when they invest in one of the top names in the industry. Joe Dirt Wholesale Fireworks is proud to stock Wizard products for our customers.

We Stock Raccoon Fireworks

The other big name in fireworks, of course, is Raccoon Fireworks. In El Paso, Texas, you’ll find the best displays for sports venues, tourist attractions, and municipalities using this company’s fireworks. They offer an enormous variety of options, and they are all manufactured with the highest quality standards so that you can order with confidence. We know that our reputation is on the line when we ship out a package of display fireworks, and we’re happy to stock Raccoon Fireworks. Explore our catalog to see what great choices are available for your next show and start putting your order together. Are you looking for fireworks for sale online in Texas? Check out our brands now!

Your Source for 1.3G Fireworks

At Joe Dirt Wholesale Fireworks, we are proud to supply 1.3G fireworks in El Paso, Texas for those clients who hold a type 54, 55, or 60 BATFE permit. Before placing your order for recurring shows or one-time special events, please carefully check your local regulations–some areas have specific requirements related to 1.3G fireworks. With our full service warehouse, you can get all your fireworks products from the same dependable source, from 1.3G to 1.4 Pro and everything in between. We follow all necessary precautions when shipping fireworks with higher hazard ratings to ensure safe delivery to you every time.

1.4 Pro Fireworks

Are you a PGI certified professional pyrotechnics expert? If so, we hope that you’ll make Joe Dirt Wholesale Fireworks your partner for 1.4 Pro fireworks in El Paso, Texas. We love working with folks who are at the top of the pyrotechnics game and really know what they are looking for. You’ll find the most powerful fireworks and all the specialty products you need to create the amazing displays that so far only exist in your head. If you have specific technical questions about our 1.4 Pro offerings, shoot us an email or call us to talk with our experts.

Changing the Fireworks Game

Up until recently, the best way to stock your pyrotechnics supply was to search for “fireworks near me in El Paso, Texas” and visit the closest well-stocked retail warehouse. Today, however, you have Joe Dirt Wholesale Fireworks at your disposal! We’re bringing the convenience of online shopping to the fireworks game, backed up by our many years of experience in this unique industry. That means you can count on us knowing what we’re doing when we process your order, package it up safely, and ship it out to you. And if you need help deciding exactly what you want, just get in touch with us and let us provide expert advice.

Wedding Fireworks and Other Events

As one great example of adding color and sound to the sky above a once-in-a-lifetime event, we recommend wedding fireworks in El Paso, Texas. There’s no more exciting way to announce a wedding to the world and cap off a great reception than having a professionally executed fireworks display. Other ideal occasions for fireworks include graduations, milestone anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, and corporate events. Gender reveals are becoming more popular as well, with specially designed and safe fireworks available. Make us your resource for your upcoming unique event and make it even more incredible with fireworks.

Fireworks Show Types


July 4th/Holidays

Order ahead! Make sure you are fully stocked for the next big holiday with fireworks from Joe Dirt Wholesale Fireworks.


Corporate Events

Create a company picnic or customer appreciation event that everyone will remember for a long time to come.

Weddings & Celebrations

Create lasting memories and celebrate in style with Joe Dirt Wholesale Fireworks. Birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries are all great events for fireworks.

Firework Legislation

Sporting Events

Set your venue apart with fireworks! You can depend on accurate, on-time shipments to get you ready for each game.

The Art of Firework Photography

Recurring Shows

Make us your long-term provider of high quality fireworks for recurring shows at entertainment venues, sports stadiums, and other locations.

Unique Occasions

From gender reveals to retirements and every special occasion in between, fireworks make them better! Commemorate your event with a bang.

Fireworks Wholesaler in El Paso, Texas

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