Professional Display Fireworks

At Joe Dirt Wholesale Fireworks, it’s our firm belief that a great fireworks display makes any special event that much more special! The iconic sights and sounds of pyrotechnics can be found in intimate family gender reveal events, spectacular holiday celebrations put on by the city, and everything in between.

We are here to supply the artillery for all of these events, getting high quality pyrotechnics into the hands of certified professionals so that they can light up the sky in style.


Small Events

In recent years, fireworks have expanded in popularity across a range of different smaller events. Gender reveals are perhaps the most well known example, with pink or blue fireworks providing an incredibly exciting way to proclaim to the whole family–as well as anyone within sight of the display area–the gender of the baby on the way.

Weddings and anniversaries are also wonderful opportunities for a fireworks display. There’s no more exciting event than the once-in-a-lifetime union of a happy couple, and brilliant fireworks overhead are the perfect way to cap off a celebratory wedding ceremony and reception.

Even smaller occasions such as corporate events, graduations, and milestone birthdays are great opportunities to launch a fireworks display. By booking these events locally, people just getting into the professional pyrotechnics industry can start out with small projects and build up a reputation in their area.

Major Venues

Of course, the larger targets for display professionals are organizations looking to put on longer, more dramatic pyrotechnics shows. Common examples include municipalities, sports arenas, and entertainment venues. Some of these clients present recurring shows, which are very desirable for pyrotechnicians, providing regular and predictable work opportunities while they pursue other projects as well.

A critical factor in the ability to book recurring shows, sports arena shows, and other major projects is dependability. These large clients need pyrotechnics partners that they know they can rely on to perform with consistency. As a trustworthy wholesale supplier, Joe Dirt Wholesale Fireworks is the perfect choice when you are looking to land and keep regular work.


Holiday Displays

Obviously, the most important times of the year for pyrotechnicians are Independence Day and New Year’s Eve. Display professionals spend a large portion of their time preparing for these two annual events, and it’s very important to ensure that wholesale fireworks orders are placed months ahead of time so that all the products are in hand and ready to be incorporated into the spectacular fireworks display that everyone expects!

At Joe Dirt Wholesale Fireworks, our team loves working with pyrotechnicians! We’ll help you get the right products in stock at the right price, preparing you to offer customized display packages to families, companies, nonprofits, large venues, and municipalities based on their specific needs.

You’ll find 1.3G rated products in our online catalog, available for purchase by certified pyrotechnics professionals and shipped according to regulations. We adhere to all state and federal regulations governing the transportation of fireworks, ensuring that each order reaches you in good condition and in compliance with your state’s laws.